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Luxtorpeda was founded in 2010 by Robert Friedrich, guitarist and singer known from such bands like Acid Drinkers, Turbo, Flapjack, Arka Noego, 2 TM 2,3 and KNŻ. He invited Robert Drężek (guitarist), Krzysztof Kmiecik (bassist) – both known from Armia and 2TM 2,3 and Tomasz Krzyżaniak (drummer – Turbo and Armia). In 2011, during recording their first album Przemysław Fręcel (rapper, known from 52 Dębiec) joined the band.

Their debut album was released in 2011, the band mixed punk, garage and rock sounds into one energetic shot. The lyrics tell stories about about human considerations, inner fights, downfalls and rises, darkness and hope.

Luxtorpeda played at Jarocin Festival 2011 and Przystanek Woodstock 2011, the song “Autystyczny” was noted number 1 at many charts (Polish Radio Trójka, Antyradio, Eska Rock). Luxtorpeda was awarded as “the best band” by the readers of Teraz Rock and Metal Hammer and received Fryderyk award (for “the best rock album”).

The second album, titled “Robaki” was released in 2012. That year both albums were certified gold and the band played several open-air shows, supporting bands like: Slayer, Metallica, Machine Head, POD, Motorhead, Sabaton or Limp Bizkit. The band received a “Złoty Bączek” award, given by the audience at Przystanek Woodstock – the biggest open-air festival in Central Europe. In 2013 Luxtorpeda started to work on their 3rd album, titled “Pierwiastek z 5”, which will be released in 2014.

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